Dear Customers,

To ensure a smooth and compliant purchasing process, please be aware of the following requirements:

  1. Prescription Copy Submission: Prior to the dispatch of your order, it is mandatory to upload a copy of your prescription. This step is crucial for the verification of your medication and for legal compliance.

  2. Prescription Verification Call: Before we can ship your order, you are required to call and verify the prescription number. This additional verification helps us to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of your prescription.

  3. Personal Order Collection: After the prescription has been checked and verified, you will need to personally collect your order. This policy is in place to guarantee that the right person receives the prescribed medication.

  4. Healthcare Professional/Company Certification: Before your order is shipped, you must provide certification from a healthcare professional or company. This certification is necessary to confirm the legitimacy of your medical needs.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in complying with these requirements, which are designed to provide a safe and reliable service.

Thank you for choosing us for your healthcare needs.

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