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UV protection has become common sense, but many people ignore the hazard of blue light to the eyes. According to scientific research, blue light with a wavelength between 400-460nm can cause vision loss, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Most importantly, this damage is irreversible. Blue light commonly exists in computer monitors, mobile phones, LEDs, etc.

We are surrounded by blue light every day. Chances are, youโ€™re reading this article on a device that radiates blue light at an unignorable scale

People spend a lot of time taking care of their bodies every day, such as doing makeup, skincare, brushing their teeth, bathing, etc. However, people forget it is the eyes that should be taken care of the most.

People spend a lot of time taking care of their bodies every day, such as makeup, skincare, brushing teeth, bathing, etc. But people forget that it is the eyes that should be taken care of the most.

ELKLOOK weighs customers' eye health on top of our profit. So instead of charging extra fees like other brands, we embed FREE OPTIMAL BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION for all our prescription lenses.

Fear of harmful light damaging your vision? Wear ELKLOOK glasses to protect your eyes!

ELKLOOK and you, let's take care of your eyes together!

A call from ELKLOOK to everyone on this planet: Please be kind to your eyes.

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It is a very interesting story

The origin of the name "ELKLOOK"...

Our founder, Yilia, is a kind lady with 20 years of experience in lens design and processing. One day she was relaxing in the wild, and suddenly an elk passed by not far away, looking at Yilia curiously. While staring at each other, Yilia was instantly fascinated by its pure and bright eyes, and the name "Elklook" just popped out in her head.

It's truly beautiful to imagine the world as seen through the curious, pure, and bright eyes of an elk, and to witness the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature through the innocent soul channels.

Please remember ELKLOOK and our goodwill. Unfortunately, many people in the US still struggle with poor vision health and cannot afford a pair of glasses.

If you find yourself desperately in need of glasses to protect your sight, but are facing financial difficulties or struggling with choosing frames or lenses, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be honored to assist you and answer any questions you may have

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