How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

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Oval face shape allows you to pull off almost any style — especially oversized and wide glasses frames. With an oval face shape, feel free to go bold with a funky color, texture or glasses frame shape.

 Recommendation : Rectangle, Oval, Square, Round, Large, and Cat-eye



If you have a square-shaped face, many great pairs of eyeglasses can flatter your features. A round eyeglass frame will soften as well as add contrast to your angular features, making your face stand out. Rimless and semi-rimless frames are a great place to start.

Recommendation : Oval, Round and Large



Round faces should look to sharp-angled frames to add a little extra definition and depth. And by choosing a pair of frames that are more angular and wide, you can add the illusion of length to your face. Full-rim and semi-rimless glasses frames are great styles to consider.

 Recommendation : Rectangle, Square and Oval



Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead with a narrow chin and high cheekbones. So, to look your best and brightest, find round or oval-shaped eyeglass frames that are thin and lightly colored.

 Recommendation : Rectangle, Oval and Round



The best look for diamond shaped faces is a rimless or oval glasses frame with a strong brow line. These shapes will help balance your face and highlight your favorite features. Play up your unique features with fun and stylish frames, like a horn rim or cat eye frame.

 Recommendation : Rectangle, Oval and Cat-eye



Wider glasses frames are a good bet for triangle face shapes as they help the top of your face look broader. To add width to a narrow forehead, try frames that are heavily accented with color and details on the top.

 Recommendation : Aviator, Cat-eye and Browline



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