How To Store Sunglasses

Are you sick of losing your sunglasses or discovering that they are broken and scratched? The secret to keeping your sunglasses secure and ready to use is proper storage. We'll look at the best methods How To Store Sunglasses in your car and at home in this article. We have everything you need, from easy DIY projects to practical organizers!

7 Great Places to Store All Your Sunglasses at Home

When you need your sunglasses, can't find them? Be at ease! Here are seven simple methods to organize your sunglasses at home:

  1. Sunglasses Box: Invest in a sunglasses box. It safeguards your eyewear. There are several slots in these boxes. It can hold a large number of pairings. Store it in a cabinet or on your table. When you're ready to go, you may easily grab your sunglasses.

  1. DIY Pegboard: Make a pegboard for your sunglasses. Attach the pegboard to the wall. Put in hooks so you can hang your shades. It maintains their order. It also improves the appearance of your space. All of your sunglasses are shown at once!

  1. Drawer Inserts: Use drawer inserts to conceal your eyewear. In your drawers, they fit. They safeguard and keep each couple apart. Every slot can have a label. It facilitates your quick search for the desired pair of sunglasses.

  1. Wall Pocket Organizer: To conserve space, use a wall pocket organizer. These fabric organizers are full of pockets. These pockets can hold your sunglasses. Place it on a wall or a door. It doesn't require any room on the floor.

  1. Tray or Basket: Place a tray or a basket with your sunglasses. Select a tray or basket that enhances the design of your space. Place your shades inside in a tidy manner. It maintains their order. It also improves the appearance of your space.

  1. Magnetic Strip: Attach a magnetic strip to a wall or inside a cabinet door. Fasten metal fasteners on your shades. Using the magnetic strip, hang them. It puts your shades within easy reach. It conserves space as well.

  1. Custom Stand: Construct a sunglass stand. Make use of acrylic or wood. Create a multi-level stand to display all of your sunglasses. Alternately, build a little stand for your preferred pairs. Paint it or decorate it to make it your own. 

How to Store Sunglasses in a Car?

When driving, do you need to wear sunglasses? In your automobile, you can easily keep children secure with these tips:

  • Sunglasses Holder: Invest in a sunglass holder. Put it on the dashboard or visor of your automobile. It safeguards your eyewear. Driving, you can quickly get in touch with them.

  • Sunglasses Clip: Put your shades on a clip. Put it on the sun visor of your automobile. Your sunglasses stay put thanks to it. They won't break or go missing from you. Simply place your shades into the clip. When you need them, you can obtain them immediately.

  • Center Console Organizer: This feature is present in certain automobiles. It works well for holding little items like sunglasses. Use the horn if your automobile has one. It organizes and safeguards your shades. If necessary, you may even store your sunglasses in the cup holders.

  • Sunglasses Case: When not in use, always store your sunglasses in a case. particularly in the vehicle. A robust case prevents dings, scratches,  and other damage. Place the case in a convenient location. similar to the glove box or center console.

Places You Should Not Store Glasses

If you're a glass lover, you should know where to store your glasses. However, you also need to know when to discard them. The following locations should be avoided:

  • Beside the Sink or Bathroom: Avoid storing your glasses there. Water flows in sinks and showers. It can damage your eyeglasses. They may get hazy from steam. Your vision is blurry. 

  • On Table or Countertop Edges: Avoid resting your glasses on the edge of any surface. They could come off. They may shatter, have dents, or receive scratches. Don't let them get near the edges.

  • In the Cup Holders of the Car: Avoid placing your glasses in the cup holders of the automobile. Not for glasses, but for cups only. Other objects in the cup holder have the potential to break or shatter your glasses. Look for somewhere safer.

  • Direct Sunlight Exposure: Avoid keeping your glasses out in the sun for extended periods. Light from the sun can alter the color of your frames. Your lenses' coatings may suffer as a result. Place your glasses in a case or bag if you must leave them outside in the sun. 

  • In Your Pocket Without a Case: Make sure your glasses stay safe while keeping them in your pocket. Coins, keys, and other objects in your pocket have the potential to scratch, bend, or shatter them. Don't ever use a soft case.

  • Close to Heat Sources: Keep your glasses away from stoves, heaters, and radiators. The frame's form may alter if there is too much heat. Your lenses' coatings may suffer as a result. Store them somewhere dry and cold.

  • On the Floor: Avoid placing your spectacles down there. You could trip over them. The lenses and frames could become harmed by this. It could potentially be harmful. When you're not wearing your glasses, always store them in a designated spot. 

Last Remarks

These easy steps will help you make sure your sunglasses last as long as possible. Selecting the ideal storage option is crucial, whether you choose an elegant organizer box or a practical vehicle clip. Store your shades in a secure, orderly, and prepared manner to protect your eyes from the sun's brightness!

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