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How To Choose Aviator Sunglasses Size?

Aviator sunglasses have become an iconic fashion style over time. Renowned for their large round lenses and thin metal frames, aviator sunglasses were initially created as pilot eyewear; but have become widely adopted.



Understanding Aviator Sunglasses Sizing

Selecting the appropriate size of aviator sunglasses is essential for comfort and overall aesthetics. To find your ideal pair, consider these factors when making your decision:

Facial Width: Facial width plays an essential part in selecting an aviator sunglasses size suitable to you. You should ensure it covers both eyes comfortably without overpowering your face or being so big as to impede breathing or vision.

Your Nose Bridge: It is essential to remember the bridge of your nose between your eyes. Aviator sunglasses should fit securely around this part of the nose without sliding down over time.

Temples: When choosing sunglasses with long temples (arms), ensure that their length comfortably rests over your ears without exerting too much pressure.



Tips to Select Aviator Sunglasses Sizes

Consider these helpful guidelines when choosing an ideal size of aviator sunglasses:

Always Try Before You Buy: Before purchasing sunglasses, it is wise to try them on for size and comfort assessment purposes. Doing this allows you to ensure a proper fit while gauging any potential concerns with their purchase.

Determine Your Facial Width: A tape measure can be used, or you could compare the width of your face against an existing pair of sunglasses to measure its width.

Style Preferences: For an iconic look, go with classic-styled aviator sunglasses to match the width of your face. Alternatively, you could experiment with broader or narrower frames for something more trendy and daring.


how to choose aviator sunglasses size


Elklook Aviator Sunglasses Are an Ideal Option

Elklook is an ideal destination for purchasing aviator sunglasses due to its vast selection, high-quality production process, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service.

Elklook's aviator sunglasses are meticulously hand-crafted using premium materials and construction techniques for maximum durability and comfort, guaranteeing them to withstand everyday use.

Elklook prides itself on providing customers with top-quality sunglasses at competitive prices. Through direct partnerships with manufacturers, Elklook sources only the highest-grade products allowing customers to find exactly the pair that meets their needs.

Elklook offers more than just aviator sunglasses; their product lineup also features wayfarer sunglasses, club master sunglasses, and tinted lens tints to meet each customer's individual preferences.

Elklook strives to ensure customer satisfaction with every order over $50 by providing free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and 1-year warranties on their products. Their dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist customers, ensuring an effortless shopping experience.



Additional Considerations

Beyond the essential factors discussed here, other aspects should also be kept in mind when selecting an aviator sunglasses size:

Fit: Sunglasses should fit securely yet allow the eyes to move freely without slipping.

UV Protection: When selecting aviator sunglasses that provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays, this will safeguard against prolonged sun exposure, which could otherwise lead to irreparable eye damage.

Durability: For long-lasting use and guaranteed durability, consider opting for aviator sunglasses constructed of high-grade materials that ensure sturdy construction and withstand daily wear and tear.



Elklook Is The Premier Destination for Aviator Sunglasses of All Kinds

Elklook Aviator sunglasses are an outstanding choice for people of any size, offering an extensive range of measures that give customers an ideal match to their facial structure. Elklook's commitment to quality can be seen through its use of premium materials and craftsmanship that ensure the long-term wearability of its sunglasses.

Elklook provides free shipping on orders of $50 or more, an exceptional 30-day return policy, and an impressive 1-year warranty on their products. Their friendly customer service staff is readily available to address inquiries or assist with orders.

Elklook provides an exceptional shopping experience and a diverse selection of aviator sunglasses, making it the ideal destination.




Ultimately, finding the appropriate size of aviator sunglasses enhances comfort and complements your unique style. You can find your ideal pair that combines fashion with function thanks to Elklook's commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction.



how to choose aviator sunglasses size


(FAQs) and answers about aviator sunglasses:

Q: Can aviator sunglasses be worn by both men and women?

Answer:Aviator sunglasses are unisex accessories and can be worn by both genders.

Q: What distinguishes aviator sunglasses? 

Answer:Aviator sunglasses can be identified by their large, round lenses and thin metal frames, as well as by their unique style.

Q: Are Aviator Sunglasses Protected against UV Rays? 

Answer:Absolutely. Reputable aviator sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection to safeguard against harmful rays that can otherwise reach our eyes.

Q: How can I select an appropriate size of aviator sunglasses? 

Answer:Consider your facial dimensions, bridge of nose width, and temple length for optimal sunglasses fitting.

Q: Can I try on aviator sunglasses before purchasing them?

Answer:Absolutely; trying on aviator sunglasses before purchasing can help ensure they fit comfortably and suit your style.

Q: Are there different styles of aviator sunglasses available?

Answer:Yes, aviator sunglasses come in various styles, including feminine options for women.

Q: Where can I purchase high-quality aviator sunglasses? 

Answer:Elklook is an established online retailer known for offering an extensive selection of top-quality aviator sunglasses.

Q: How can I clean and maintain my aviator sunglasses? 

Answer:To clean and preserve the longevity of your aviator sunglasses, use a microfiber cloth and lens cleaner for added protection when not in use, and store them in their protective case.

Q: Can Aviator Sunglasses Be Worn to Outdoor Sports Activities? 

Answer:Aviator sunglasses provide style and protection during outdoor sporting activities.

Q: What type of sunglasses does Elklook provide besides aviators? 

Answer:Besides offering aviator sunglasses, Elklook provides wayfarer, club master, and more styles.

Please get in touch with Elklook's customer service team for immediate help if you require further support or have additional queries.

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