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EKLOOK- What separates Retro glasses from Genuine Vintage eyewear?

In general, vintage eyeglasses are genuine frames that were produced when that frame design was fashionable. As a result of this, frames that...

If you're looking for vintage-style eyeglass frames, some of the first phrases you'll come across are "What is Vintage eyewear" and “What is Retro Eyewear." Understanding these various terminology will assist you ensure that you are purchasing the correct kind of eyeglass frames.

In general, vintage and antique eyeglasses are genuine frames that were produced when that frame design was fashionable. As a result, frames that are often considered date from the 1980s and earlier. Many of these glasses, including those manufactured in the 1800s, are still in use as wearing frames, however more delicate ones may be purely relics for show.Retro glasses are modern spectacles designed to seem like vintage designs. They have the appearance of vintage eyewear yet are made using modern production technologies and materials.

The benefits of the two types of vintage style glasses might help you decide which one is ideal for your requirements.

Difference Between Vintage and Retro glasses

When it comes to eyeglasses you want to wear everyday, use in theater or on screen, add to a costume, or show, differences in materials, production processes, and design might have specific benefits that may make one pair better than the other. These are some of the most important distinctions to understand.

Material of Glasses

Companies create vintage spectacles using cutting-edge materials. This has certain advantages in terms of comfort and longevity because many current materials are lighter and frequently stronger, especially when you considered that an early pair of plastic glasses has been around for several decades, causing the material to degrade. However, because new materials may not always have that original appearance and feel, actual vintage glasses may be a better alternative if handled properly.


Because the standard head size has grown in recent decades, antique spectacles tend to be smaller. Antique spectacles from the 1800s also have a narrower frame width, which might be strange and unpleasant for modern glasses users. Retro glasses have the appearance of earlier spectacles but are designed to fit the current face. They are also frequently manufactured in a variety of sizes to make it easier to select a pair that suits you. However, whether modern or antique, you should always pay attention to the measurements and measure your own face for the optimum fit.


Authentic glasses, like many antique vs modern things, will be significantly more expensive than retro glasses. The production method for those glasses was more laborious, and their present scarcity adds to the price. Many vintage glasses, can be produced rapidly on demand, are typically less expensive, while the entire cost of each pair is dependent on the quality. Retro spectacles may now be purchased for considerably more than genuine antiques. As there was so lot created at the time, many antique eyeglass frames are also inexpensive.


Retro glasses will always be brand new and unused. This ensures that the frames are free of scratches, cracks, and wear. "New old stock," or NOS, refers to vintage frames that have never been used. Opticians purchased them from producers but never sold them to customers. Other vintage spectacles may be worn with signs of wear. Some people like these little defects as historical marks, while others desire a perfect pair.




Aside from the fact that the designs are generally similar, you may wear both vintage and retro spectacles with prescription lenses or sunglasses. So long as the old glasses are not too brittle and have the requisite screws, an optician may swap out the lenses on each set to make them wearable. When deciding on the sort of glasses you want to buy, it's a good idea to think about how you'll use them. Genuine vintage glasses are frequently a lovely addition for a beloved item since you get to wear a little of history as well as gorgeous rims. Retro spectacles may be a superior alternative on television and on stage to survive any hard treatment.

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Retro Eyewear Buying Guide

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