Sunglasses Suit Diamond Face

Which Sunglasses Suit Diamond Face?

Are you searching for which sunglasses suit diamond face. then you coem to the correct web page. Again, Do you struggle to find sunglasses for your diamond-shaped face? 

You're not alone. It's hard to find ones that flatter your features. But don't worry, with some help, you can find which sunglasses suit diamond face.

Quick Answer Of Which Sunglasses Suit Diamond Face

Sunglasses with oval or rounded frames tend to suit diamond-shaped faces the best. These frames can soften the angular features of the face and create balance. Avoid frames that are too narrow or boxy as they can emphasize the sharpness of the cheekbones. Additionally, oversized frames can also work well on diamond-shaped faces.

Understanding Diamond Face Shape:

To begin with, let's define a diamond face shape. It's characterized by a narrow forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow chin, hence named "diamond" for its features.

Choosing the Right Frame:

To find sunglasses that suit a diamond face shape, the key is to select a frame that balances out the face angles. Rounded edges or frames with soft curves can soften the angles, achieving a more balanced look. Oversized frames can also help balance out prominent cheekbones.

Best Frame Styles for Diamond Face Shape:

Cat-eye Sunglasses: Great for diamond-shaped faces. The frame's upward curve draws attention to the eyes and softens facial angles.

Oval Sunglasses: A classic style that suits most face shapes. For diamond faces, they balance out angles and create a soft, feminine look.

Round Sunglasses: Another excellent choice. Rounded edges soften angles, giving a more balanced appearance.

Avoid These Frame Styles:

Square Sunglasses: Harsh on diamond faces, emphasizing angles and sharpness.

Narrow Sunglasses: Make diamond-shaped faces appear even narrower. They lack balance, resulting in an imbalanced look.

Lens Color

When selecting sunglasses for a diamond-shaped face, consider lens color. Dark lenses shrink the face, while light lenses enlarge it. Keep this in mind.

Best Lens Colors for Diamond Face Shape

The top lens colors for diamond-shaped faces:

  • Brown: Softens angles, creates a warm look
  • Green: Reduces glare, sophisticated look
  • Blue: Modern style, balances angles (especially for cool undertones)

Avoid These Lens Colors

  • Yellow Lenses: These make diamond-shaped faces appear bigger and unattractive.
  • Red Lenses: Red lenses are too striking for diamond-shaped faces. They highlight the face's angles, making it look sharp.

Tips for Selecting Sunglasses for Diamond-Shaped Faces:

Opt for Wide Frames

Wide frames balance cheekbones, creating proportion. Avoid narrow frames that make the face look even narrower.

Choose Bold Styles

Bold frames draw attention to the eyes and balance a narrow chin. Avoid delicate or small frames, as they can be lost on diamond-shaped faces.

Consider Lens Shape

Teardrop or square-shaped lenses elongate the face and complement high cheekbones. Avoid round or oval lenses that make the face appear wider.

Avoid Oversized Frames

Oversized frames overwhelm diamond-shaped faces, drawing attention away from features. Stick to frames proportional to your face size.

Is diamond face shape rare?

Diamond face shape is rare, accounting for only 3% of the population. A narrow forehead and jawline and wide prominent cheekbones characterize it.

How can I hide my diamond face shape?

To hide a diamond face shape, try these tips: choose hairstyles that add width to your chin and forehead, apply bronzer to your temples, hairline and under your chin, avoid hairstyles that pull your hair back or expose your ears, and wear glasses with rounded or broader frames.

How can I make my diamond face look good?

To enhance a diamond face shape, try these tips:

  • Choose hairstyles that add texture and volume to your hair.
  • Apply blush and highlighter to your cheekbones.
  • Opt for soft or medium-arched brows that complement your cheekbones.
  • Wear earrings that dangle or have curves.

Are diamond faces attractive?

Beauty is subjective, but diamond faces are often considered attractive due to their high and defined cheekbones, which signify youth and beauty. Their unique shape can also make them stand out.

What hairstyle is best for a diamond face?

There is no definitive answer to this, but some guidelines are to choose hairstyles that flatter your cheekbones and soften your angles, avoid styles that are too short or too long, experiment with different parts, and have fun with accessories.


Hope our answer on which sunglasses suit diamond face satisfy you. Finding ideal sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces is tough, but not impossible. 

Pick frames and lenses that balance and flatter your features. Avoid frames that accentuate your face's angles and lenses that make it look bigger. Follow these tips to find your perfect pair.


Can oversized sunglasses be worn by diamond face shapes?

Avoid oversized sunglasses for diamond face shapes. They can make the face appear too small and angular.

Are round sunglasses a good choice for diamond face shapes?

Yes, they are. Round sunglasses soften the sharp angles of the cheekbones and jawline, making them a great option for diamond face shapes.

Do cat-eye sunglasses suit diamond face shapes?

Absolutely. Cat-eye sunglasses highlight the high cheekbones and widen the forehead, making them a flattering choice for diamond face shapes.

Can diamond face shapes wear square-framed sunglasses?

It's best to avoid square frames for diamond face shapes as they accentuate the angular jawline, making the face appear too sharp.

What type of aviator sunglasses work well for diamond face shapes?

Aviator sunglasses with a slightly curved frame and large lenses are ideal for diamond face shapes. They balance the wide cheekbones and narrow forehead.

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