Choosing Glasses Frames

Choosing Glasses Frames- Important Considerations

Glasses and Frames

Looking for a new pair of glasses? Before you become overwhelmed by the numerous options, consider the following factors: prescription strength, overall fit, and your face shape. Choosing the right frame is more than just a matter of taste. The wrong frame can reduce the efficacy of your prescription. Glasses' rest points must be properly seated or they will cause slippage and discomfort.

Glasses lenses have "sweet spots" called optical centers that must line up exactly over the pupil. Slipping glasses are not only inconvenient, but they can also impair vision by decentering the lenses over the eyes. This is especially important with stronger prescriptions.

1-Determine your spending limit when it comes to purchasing new glasses.

If you need to buy new glasses, the smart thing to do is to set a budget before you go shopping. It's easy to get carried away and fall in love with a pair of glasses you can't afford, so why risk it?

Check your vision insurance to see if frames, lenses, or exams are covered. This can make a significant difference in terms of what you can afford Once you know what you can afford, you can start looking for frames and glasses within your price range.

Once you know what you can afford, you can start looking for frames and glasses within your price range. Don't forget about the ELKLOOK   online shop. We carry many independent frame lines, which means you might find something you can't find anywhere else! There are plenty of options to fit any budget if you know your budget is limited but you still want some stylish frames.

  1. The color

Is your undertone cool or warm?

  • Warmer colors, such as tortoiseshell, gold, olive green, or orange, will flatter you if you are warm. 
  • Silver, grey, blues, pinks, and black are more likely to flatter your skin tone if you are cool.

Do you prefer lighter or darker frames?

  • If you have lighter hair and skin, choose framesthat aren't too dark (unless you want a dramatic look).
  • If you have darker hair or skin, a deeper darker frame will complement your complexion.

Do you look better in vibrant or muted colors?

  • If the colors in your clothes are more intense, a shiny metallic or acetate (plastic) frame in a brighter color will work well.
  • If you prefer more muted or soft/smoky colors in your clothing, pair them with a brushed metal frame or a softer colored acetate frame.
  1. Identifying Characteristics

Curved or angular

Are your facial features straight and angular, or curved and softened?

  • Frameswith straighter lines complement angular faces.
  • Curved faces require softer, curved framesto complement their appearance.

 Face shape

Narrower faces vs. wider faces

  • Look for glasseswith the temple (technical term for the frame's 'arm') parallel to the side of your face, not stretched out (if you have a wider face) or angled in. There are frames for all face widths, so choose one that fits the size and shape of your head.
  • Wide faces require lighter temples so that the arms do not define the width of the face as much.
  • Narrow faces can benefit from a heavier temple.

Longer vs. shorter faces

  • Longer faces necessitate deeper frames.
  • Shorter faces look best in framesthat are narrower and shallower.

 Nose Shape

 The Nose length

Do you have a long, hooked, or pointed nose?

  • Glasseswith a high bridge may make your nose look like a beak and lengthen it even more (which can be unflattering). Instead, choose frames with a low bridge to visually shorten your nose.


  1. The width of the eyes

Are your eyes set wide or narrow?

  • Wide-set eyes require a wider frame because your eyes are expected to sit just in from the center of the lens. A heavy bridge will also help your eyes appear closer together.
  • Narrow set eyes require a lighter and wider bridge to help visually push the eyes apart.
  1. Your Personality

Optical frames are a unique way to express yourself. One pair can project a sense of adventure and fun, while another can project a serious image. Choose one pair of frames that best reflects your true personality, or choose a wardrobe of optical frames that allows you to choose which personality vibes you want to send out to the world each morning.


Remember that you don't have to wear the same glasses every day. With so many affordable options, you can now get two or three different styles of glasses to match your mood, personal style, or special event. You might be wondering what's hot right now. Round, retro, and mixed materials, such as tortoise and wireframes, appear to be popular. These so-called "rules" for selecting glasses, however, are only guidelines, not fashion laws. First and foremost, whatever makes you happy is best for you.

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